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Adopt A Chios Mastiha Tree For Yourself


Get 50g Chios Mastiha in a gift box. One delivery per year.


Adopt 2 trees and get a 20,00€ discount on checkout.

Donation Benefits

Adopt a Chios Mastiha Tree and create roots connecting you to the unique Chios Mastiha Tree and strengthen the cultivation of Chios Mastiha.

The Chios Mastiha Tree will carry your Name on a Wooden Tag for a year.

For your donation you will receive:

  • A Personal Certificate of Adoption
  • 50g Chios Mastiha in a Gift Box
  • A Photo of the Adopted Chios Mastiha Tree

Your order will be ready within 4 business days after the amount of the adoption has been received.
Delivery of your Gift Box depends on the country of delivery.